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takes care of the home, respecting nature.    
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is what people requires    

Commitment #1 WE SAY NO TO PLASTIC!

”My mission is to help everyone take care of their home without unnecessary ballast for nature” – Mr.Eco
mreco sieniliina

3 cellulosemsponge cloth

Delicate on all kitchen and bathroom surfaces, they guarantee strength and long life.

mreco sieni iso

Multi-purpose cellulose sponge

Delicate on all surfaces, ultra durable and super absorbent.

Bamboo and cotton floor cloth

Super absorbent for sparling clean, torsion-resistant. bamboo cloth

Multi-purpose bamboo cloth

Soft and super absorbent for a sparling clean, ultra strong and durable.

Plant loofah scrubber

A natural and eco-friendly sponge, to clean effectively without scratching.

mreco luffa selluloosa

Loofah and cellulose sponge

Double-action cleaning sponge: delicate super absorbent cellulose and plant- based loofah scrubber.


”I'm Mr.Eco. I'm made of biodegradable or recyclable materials, which improves the well-being of the planet by saving energy and resources” – Mr.Eco
mreco teräskerä

Stainless steel spirals

Ideal for cleaning particularly encrusted dishes and oven pans, pots, oven grills and barbecues.

mreco kuparikerä

Spirals 100% antibacterial copper

They are ideal for removing the toughest dirt from pots, oven pans, oven grills and barbecues.


”Reintroducing natural ingredients requires innovation. As I do when choosing nature as a source of inspiration in everything, from packaging to components.” – Mr.Eco
mreco kaksipuoleinen hankaussieni

Sponges in cellulose and strong fiber

The cellulose side is super absorbent, ideal for cleaning gently; the fibre side thoroughly cleans the most encrusted surfaces.

mreco anti-scratch sponge

Anti-scratch cellulose sponges

The cellulose side is super absorbent, ideal for gentle cleaning, while the non-scratch fibre side is effective for scrubbing pots without scratching.

mrco kaksipuoleinen hankaussieniliina

Dual action sponge

The cellulose side is super absorbent, ideal for cleaning gently; the non-scratch fibre side thoroughly cleans tiled surfaces.

mreco lavette fibra forte

Lavettes in strong fibres

They remove the toughest dirt without ruining the surfaces.

Soapy scouring pads

Perfect for removing encrusted dirt from pots, oven pans, oven racks and barbecues.


”The cardboard in my packaging comes from properly and responsibly managed forests.” – Mr.Eco