Bamboo is considered a symbol of longevity and resilience. Well known and used since centuries in the Far East, this plant is extremely versatile andf inds application in the cosmetic, furniture, food and textile fields, among the others.

The many properties of this fascinating plant inspired MartiniSPA and this encounter gave birth to Bambù Collection. The line is a complete range of products for a relaxing body care treatment and an inspiring sensorial experience.

Thanks to the exclusive Xpand process, sponges are enriched with bamboo extract, natural source of precious minerals and antioxidant enzymes, which have a revitalizing action and ideal for gently cleansing while protecting the skin.

The textiles, made of vegetable bamboo fiber are incredibly soft and pleasant, making them particularly suitable for sensitive skin and granting high moisture absorption. They have a high absorbency and dry quickly.

Scented Relax Sponge

The soft scented body sponge is enriched with bamboo extract, known for its hydrating, toning and anti-irritating properties.

Scented scrub sponge

Innovative scented & scrub sponge amplifies the pleasure of a mo- ment of wellness with its delicate scent of bamboo extract.

2 Makeup Removal Pads

The cleansing pads enriched with bamboo extract have a revitalizing effect and are ideal for gently protecting the skin.

Exfoliating Back Strip

The exfoliating back strap is made of viscose fibre extracted from bamboo of the highest quality.

Hair-drying Turban

The hair-drying turban is made of viscose fibre extracted from bam- boo of the highest quality.

5 fingers scrub glove

This five-finger scrub glove gently cleanses the skin, while exfoliating it with precision thanks to its ergonomic five-finger shape.

Relax & Scrub Glove

The relax and scrub glove, made of bamboo and linen fibre, is soft and delicate, ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

Exfoliating Body Glove

The side in loofah reactivates circulation with a natural peeling action, while the side in viscose gently cleanses the skin.