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Product package – Home coming gift basket 10 products
Method Washing Up Liquid Peach & Pink pepper 532ml
Method All Floor Wild Rhubarb 739ml
Multi-surface concentrated cleaner Dreamy 240ml
Greener Cleaner Utility Brush cream
OnXOn Wool Dryer Balls 3pcs
OnXOn Oxygen Brightener 550g
OnXOn Gall Soap 160g
MrEco Sponge Cloth 16x18cm 3pcs
MrEco Multi-purpose Vegetable Cellulose Sponge 13x10cm green
Classic Everyday Care 1000ml


Tuotepaketti – Tuparilahjakori 10 tuotetta Ekologinen esteettinen ja eettinen tuotepaketti

Product package – Home coming gift basket includes the following 10 products:

Method Washing Up Liquid Peach & Pink pepper 532ml: Ecological washing up. It’s a bit of sass for the side of your sink. Who knew recycled plastic could be so dishy. With powerful plant-based cleaners + biodegradable ingredients it leaves your dishes dazzling and your pots spotless. Simply pump twice onto a sponge or straight into the sink. stand back. admire. Peach + pink pepper - on the surface all velvety peaches + sophisticated black currants. But watch out for that cheeky pink peppercorn edge. seriously addictive.

Method All Floor Wild Rhubarb 739ml: Rready-to-use no-wax, non-toxic, biodegradable floor cleaner. Plant-based and mineral-based biodegradable floor cleaner cleans sealed hardwood and laminate floors without extra water. Wild rhubarb - this is rhubarb in its birthday suit. fresh + tart just like the day it was plucked from the ground. hold the custard. Suitable for sealed hard floors.

Multi-surface concentrated cleaner Dreamy 240ml: Mini in size. mighty in attitude. This clever little concentrate goes to town on tasks. Packed with plant-based cleaning power, our new 10x concentrated formula* can be diluted to make spray bottles, buckets or used neat to tackle stubborn grime. Pretty neat hey? Re-use a method spray bottle to save 81% plastic (vs buying 3x method 828ml). *10x more concentrated than method 828ml all-purpose cleaner. Dreamy jasmine + cypress wood. Hitch your hammock to the nearest tree and drift off with the heady notes of sweet jasmine + warming wood sticks. mocktail optional.

Greener Cleaner Utility Brush cream: Tough and durable bristles and robust handle for good grip. Long-lasting brush. Extra small precision brush for tough dirt and hard to reach areas. Made from 100% recycled material. Ecological choice. Dish-washer safe. Hangable.

OnXOn Wool Dryer Balls 3pcs: OnXOn Wool Dryer Balls 3pcs made from 100% New Zeeland Wool. BETTER RESULTS - LOWER COSTS - NATURE THANKS YOU. OnXOn Wool Dryer Balls gently massage your clothes softening them naturally without chemicals. Balls bounce around in the tumble dryer separating laundry and allowing hot air to circulate more evenly and efficiently reducing drying time by 25 – 40 %. By using reusable Wool Dryer Balls, which improve drying efficiency, you save money whilst using substantially less energy and reducing your carbon footprint. Heat and abrasion cause fabric decay and ageing. Natural softness, time saving, smaller carbon footprint and chemical burden - all this and yet ecologically!

Product package – Home coming gift basket 10 products

OnXOn Oxygen Brightener 550g: OnXOn Oxygen Brightener for white textiles. For pre-wash, machine-wash, soak. Bright whiteness without chlorine, zeolite and harmful gases. It can easily remove stains, like fruit, grass, mustard, ketchup or red wine. It cleans almost any washable material, such as textiles, carpets or curtains. It is always a good idea to test on an inconspicuous spot. Close the container after use and store in a dry place.

OnXOn Gall Soap 160g: A safe, effective and organic all-purpose cleaning agent and stain remover. Gall soap made from ox gall powder is perfect for removing stains from clothing, for cleaning varnished and lacquered surfaces, wall tiles, shoes, carpets and upholstery. Also, very effective for persistent stains such as tomato, red wine and mustard.

MrEco Sponge Cloth 16x18cm 3pcs: Made from 100% biodegradable, plastic-free and recyclable plant-based cellulose. There is a cotton net inside as a support structure. It guarantees the durability and long life span of the cloth. Especially suitable for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Fibres are naturally very absorbent, long-lasting and durable. 100% biodegradable, plant-based, plastic-free.

MrEco Multi-purpose Vegetable Cellulose Sponge 13x10cm green: Made of 100% biodegradable, plastic-free and/or recyclable plant-based material. Suitable for all surfaces of the home. Durable and very absorbent. Reinforced edges ensure that the you can get a good grip from the sponge and it is resistant to wear. 100% biodegradable, plastic-free, recyclable.

Classic Everyday Care 1000ml: A mild special detergent for daily laundry for all textiles: polyester, polyamid, acryl, Gore tex, cotton and bed linens. Everyday Care is specially developed for washing synthetic and other industrial fibres but it also suits for natural fibres. Phosphate-free. Biodegradable.

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