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Method Granite Spray 354 ml

The plant and mineral-based biodegradable granite spray.

Cleanses and polishes smooth natural stone surfaces without stripes and stress.


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Method Granite Spray 354ml is made from plant and mineral based ingredients. Biodegradable cleaning spray for granite and marble surfaces. Cleanses and polishes smooth natural stone surfaces without stripes and stress. Gives the extra non-toxic glow. Don't worry if you find yourself buying marble statues in your garden just to get to clean them. It happens.

Tuoksusta päätellen pullossa voisi olla aamukastetta suoraan omenapuiden lehdiltä. Itse asiassa vangitsimme tuoksuun omenankukkien, nektariinin sekä vaniljaorkidean herkät aromit.

  • Not tested on animals
  • Keep out of reach of children

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Additional information

Weight 0,437 kg
Dimensions 8,3 × 5,2 × 25,5 cm

<5 % non-ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, perfume (limonene, linalool), phenoxyethanol


Spray on a soft cloth. Wipe. Polish with a dry, clean cloth. It's always worth trying the discreet spot first.




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Method Puhdistussuihke graniitti 354ml
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