ecological special cleaning product range

OnXOn cleaning product range ONXON CLEANING STONE cleans, polishes and protects. Persistent stains and other dirt and grime – such as oil, blueberry, or paint – disappear in the blink of an eye. Leaves a dirt and water-repellent surface. Protects metal surfaces from oxidation and discolouring. Does not corrode the surfaces. Cleaning Gentle on the skin. Fragrance-free. Does not irritate the respiratory tract.


Cleanliness is next to godliness. If only a dirty oven or discoloured sink were a mere bad memory.

OnXOn cleaning product range OnXOn Cleaning Stone is your secret weapon – your gentle miracle worker. With it cleaning sinks, taps, cookers, ceramic hobs and ovens as well as marble and granite Cleaning countertops and wall and floor tiles is a child’s play.

OnXOn cleaning Cleaning product range OnXOn Cleaning Stone leaves a glossy and clear, Cleaning dirt and water-repellent surface that is also easy to keep clean in the future.

Over time, pots, Cleaning pans, cutlery and oven plates suffer from oxidation and Cleaning discolouring. Removing the dirt may require working your fingers to the bone. No pressure! OnXOn Traditional Cleaning Stone takes the pressure off. There are no challenges that OnXOn Traditional Cleaning Stone would not rise to. Even tough grime and grease can be easily removed without scratches.


A sanctuary of purity? Calcium, limestone and detergent residues all over the wall and floor tiles and seams, oxidized and discoloured metal surfaces – endless scrubbing. No pressure!

OnXOn Cleaning Stone is also a fairy godmother in a bathroom.

The Cleaning product is suitable for all bathroom furniture and surfaces: wash Cleaning basins and -bowls, taps, bathtubs, shower cubicles, glass doors and bricks – except cast marble.

In addition, the seams of tiles and clinkers can be easily cleaned with a help of a cleaning brush or sponge. Detergent residues and stains as well as calcium and limestone disappear instantly.

Result – a pleasant and clean home spa. Cleaning Bathroom renovation thoughts – no more!